Logistics / Full Info

The congress will be IN PERSON ONLY: all presenters and participants must be in person on the Ciutadella Campus UPF, Barcelona. The keynote address will be STREAMED out through this platform. No registration is needed to watch the streaming.

Planning your trip and accommodation? Click here for more info

What to do?

Chiqui la Vila offers babysitting services for babies from 0 through to 6 at their venue during the congress at the participants expense. They can also accept children 6 and over but their venue is more suitable for younger children. Please contact Chiqui la Vila in advance to agree on the services required:
Contact: Ivette
mail : info@chiquilavila.org
phone number : 932219579
web page : www.chiquilavila.org
Address: C/Salvador Espriu 65-71 (corner C/ Arquitecte Sert) Vila Olímpica - BARCELONA

The following childcare services work "per hour" and can give service at the hotel or other places. 

* Please note that whilst the above childcare services are reputable businesses in Barcelona, the Barcelona School of Economics, EEA and ES cannot be held responsible for any agreements that our participants enter in directly with them. 

All sessions will take place at the UPF Ciutadella Campus

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Ciutadella Campus
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona

How to arrive:

  • Metro: Line 4 Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica
  • Bus: H16, V21
  • Train: Closest station Barcelona- Arc de Triomf

At venue
​​​​​​The congress will take place in two buildings on Ciutadella Campus: Roger de Llúria (building 40, covered patio) and Jaume I (Building 20, open-air patio).

Explanation of room numbers: XX.YZZ     
•    XX the building code (20 Jaume I  or 40 Roger de Llúria)
•    Y Floor (S for basement, 0 ground floor, 1 first floor, 2 second floor) 
•    ZZ Number of the room

There is a lift in the centre of the courtyard for participants with special needs.

A map of the buildings can be accessed at the bottom of this page (press floor plan button for the map to open in a new window).

For for information for chairs and presenters about the structure of their presentations, please visit Technical Information for Presenters

Registration will take place in Expo Room, in front of the Auditorium. To help our helpers at the registration point, and speed up the process for all, please bring some form of ID with our name on it.
Registration will be open from 08:30:00 on Monday, August 28. It will remain open until 18:00 on day 1 and will then open from 08:30 to 18:00 on days 2, 3 and 4 of congress and from 09:00 to 12:00 on day 5.

Your name badge
Your name badge can be picked up from the registration point. It must be worn at all times and you can only access the buildings with this name badge on.  On your name badge, there is room to insert 3 stickers which indicate your research fields. The codes are:

App - Applied Microeconomics
B&E - Behavioural & Experimental
Dev - Development
Met - Econometrics
Th - Theory
Econ His - Economic History
Emp - Empirical
EE - Environmental Economics
Fin - Finance
IO - Industrial Organisation
Int - International
Lab - Labour
Mac - Macroeconomics
PE - Political Economy
Pub - Public Economics

Coffee stations, lunches and water distributors

Coffee breaks and lunch bags will be distributed at 6 different points. Your name tag indicates the provision point assigned to you.



1, 2 and 3

Roger de Llúria patio

4 and 5

Roger de Llúria cafeteria


Expo Room

Seating places are in the Cafeteria, Expo Room and in other campus areas. The cafeteria in the Jaume I patio is open to the public but is not included in the registration fee.

Water points are distributed along the corridors and common areas. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle. In case you forgot, we can provide you one at registration.

The rooms and most areas have air conditioning, however, keep in mind that the weather may be hot and humid, so we encourage you to bring a fan.

ADVICE: do not bring food in the space between Roger de Llúria and Jaume I buildings as seagulls are becoming aggressive. All other areas are safe.

As mentioned in all email communications, there will be no printed programme distributed. This platform is the only means of full congress information and is updated in live time. It is important to note that if you are using it on your mobile phone, please keep the hamburger menu (the 3 white lines under the logo) open to view the full programme, presenters and all information on logistics.

If you wish, a pdf version of programme can be accessed here. It will not be updated in real time.

Internet Access
The campus has Eduroam WIFI and a Guest WIFI.

To set up the Guest WIFI follow these steps:
1.    Make sure that where you are has good data connection (you will receive an SMS)
2.    Turn on Wi-Fi on your device.
3.    Connect to the  guest@upf network .
4.    A portal automatically opens.

In case you have not registered before or if your registration has expired:

1.    Press the option Don't have an account?
2.    Enter your phone number (*), read and accept the terms of use and the privacy policy and click on Register. On the phone you indicated, you will receive an SMS message from the UPF guest sender with a 3-digit numeric code. You can request to receive the SMS just three times.
3.    Reconnect to guest@upf.edu and enter your phone number and the code you received.
4.    Accept the usage policy and press Continue.
5.    You are now connected and can open your applications or browsers with an Internet connection.

If you have already registered:

1.    Enter your phone number  (*) and the code you received when registering. If you received more than one code, enter the newest one. If you have an international number, indicate first the "+" symbol followed by the prefix of your country followed by the mobile number. For example  +54123456789
2.    Press continue.
3.    You are now connected and can open your applications or browsers with an internet connection.

For troubleshooting, check with the IT Campus technicians in Room 40.047A.

Networking Groups
There will be a number of activities connected to field and interest networking happening during the official coffee breaks and lunches of the congress. Please keep an eye on the FORUM area of the platform or on the FLASH BANNERS that will appear on the site to find out where and when they will happen.

Working Areas
Rooms 20.059 and 20.061 are reserved for working in silence.
The Expo Room has some seats for social work.

Certificate of Attendance / Presentation
Anybody requiring a certificate of attendance or presentation are requested to fill this form in here

Please send an email to: congress@eeassoc.org

Want To Write A Media Briefing For EEA-ESEM 2023?
Do you want your paper presented at EEA-ESEM 23 to be a success in terms of press coverage? One way to achieve this is by drafting a good non-technical summary of the paper. The summary should help make the research accessible to a wider public, setting out why the work is important and what you hope it shows. It should not be the abstract of your paper!

With the help of the EEA media consultant, Romesh Vaitilingam, and the team at Communicating Economics, we encourage you to read their tips here to prepare your own media briefing.  Your media briefing will become public under your profile page and all journalists will be able to filter through the presenters who have written media briefings. We will actively engage with journalists during the course of the congress.

If you'd like to see some examples of press releases, you can visit here

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