How To....

Find my log in email address

This is the email that you used to register for the event. It is also the email that has been used for all communications about this event. If you cannot remember the password you created when you logged in for the first time, please click on the renew password link and follow the instructions to create a new one.

Log in immediately after registration for the event

For presenters:
You are automatically registered and have access to the system immediately. Please check your emails from with information on the log in process.

For non-presenters attending EEA-ESEM 2023
If you register after July 21, you will receive an email on August 7 on how to access the platform. The email will come from

For all participants watching the streamed keynote and panels
There is no registration. Please click on the link in the page of the session that you wish to watch.


Search for a specific presenter

There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Go to Full Programme, and click in the name, in the "presenter" field, of the person you are looking for. This field is set in “auto-predict” so by clicking a number of letters of the person’s name you are looking for will bring up a list of results.

Once you find the presenter's name, please click the UPDATE button and a list of connected sessions will come up.

2. Go to the alphabetical list on the Presenters' section too. Here you can search by institution (please enter a key word like name of city or key word on institution) too. There is also the option of searching quickly through a list of names and clicking to enter the more specifics for bio etc

Search for a specific session by association, title or type

Go to Full Programme. You will see a number of filters available to search by.  Please enter in the information you are looking for in the relevant field. Please note that to filter by association, you will see the ALL, EEA, ESEM buttons above the other filters.

Always remember to click the UPDATE button to get the results.

Search by day

You can also search by day, and then refine your search by title or type. Go to the Full Programme and click on the boxed numbers that appear above the networking bar.

Always remember to click the UPDATE button to get the results.

See who is participating in the congress

In the Participants page, which is accessible only when you are logged in, you can see all the people who have registered to attend the event. These include both presenters and non-presenters.

If you want to see the list of presenters only, please click on the PRESENTERS section here

Navigate the Log In area

The log in area is your access to the networking areas, and scientific sessions (for those participating virtually), and it is where you can build your agenda.

The only noticeable additions that you see when you are logged in are the networking buttons (from Edit profiles button across to Account Settings and down to the forum).

The top navigational bar is informative. The secondary navigation bar is where you search the programme and presenters, while the third is the networking.

All the text on the particular page you are in appears when you scroll down.


There are a number of ways to network during EEA-ESEM 2023 via the platform: 

- Send direct messages to one or a group of delegates and have some conversations with your colleagues - even making arrangements to meet up in person at UPF and / or Barcelona! 

- Participate in the forum

These functionalities are available when you are logged in.

More here

Build my agenda

Go to Full Programme, scroll down the list of sessions and click to “Favourite” the sessions you want to attend.

To view your agenda, please click the star button that appears when you are logged into the platform.

Please note that the option to build your agenda is only actionable when you are logged in. 

From August onwards, you will also be able to save the sessions you want to attend to your computer calendars.