Technical Aspects of Session for Chairs and Presenters

All Presenters

For the ease of logistics, you are REQUESTED to upload your latest version of paper (pdf) and presentation (pdf) on this platform before your session starts (we would prefer by evening of Friday, August 25, so we can address any technical issues, should they arise).  To do so, please log in to your profile and click on "EDIT PRESENTER". Your PRESENTER profile manages everything that appears on the scientific programme, which will be available to anybody who visits the platform. To upload a new version of your paper and / or your slides, please click on SESSION ATTACHMENTS tab and edit the upload buttons you see. Please note that your paper and presentation can then be removed at any time.

More specific instructions:

The presentations will be uploaded on the congress platform. We encourage you to bring your presentations, either in Powerpoint or PDF format with a pen drive, as backup.

Rooms will be opened 10 minutes before the session starts. The use of personal laptops for presenting is not allowed.

All rooms are equipped with a computer and projector. If there is any technical problem, you can contact the conference technicians at +34 93 542 1568, Room 40.043.

We suggest each presentation should be around 18 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions and answers. Questions and answers will follow each individual presentation. 

Unless otherwise indicated, by default, the last presenter of the session is the session chair. If you have been assigned to chair your session, please make sure you go to the room 10 minutes prior to the start of the session.

The responsibilities of the Chairs are to introduce briefly the session and the presenters, make sure that the time available is divided equally over the papers to be presented, and chair the brief time for discussion following the presentations. In case the scheduled Chair does not attend, the general rule is that the presenter of the session's actual last paper is expected to take the role of Chair, but feel free to come to an alternative agreement on the Chair; as long as you are clear before the session starts.

2 or 3 papers in a 4-paper session slot?
If your session has fewer presentations than expected due to last minute cancellations, please bear in mind that the audience might be interested in attending other sessions. Therefore, we suggest that your presentation time remains the same as if the session was complete - that is 22-minute presentation time (allowing for Q&A). 

There are NO discussants at the EEA-ESEM  annual congress.

Recording Contributed Sessions
Contributed sessions will not be recorded nor will they be streamed.